MESA9 indicators and the eMESA strategy for trading the emini S&P futures are now available by subscription from eSignal.







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Welcome to the MESA Software Website

MESA Software is dedicated to the application of scientific principles and DSP technology to the art of technical trading. We began applying the Maximum Entropy Spectral Analysis (MESA) approach to trading in 1978 and have continuously improved its use through research and development. Today, MESA is acknowledged as the single best method of measuring market cycles.

The purpose of this website is to provide training and insight into the use of meaningful technical analysis. Toward that end, the more significant seminars given by John Ehlers over the years are available for download. Additionally, technical papers that describe new techniques can also be downloaded.

Of course, we sell products, with MESA9 being our flagship. The features of our MESA9 indicator package, a TradeStation plugin, are described on the MESA page. We also offer indicators in electronic format.







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